With new rules favouring first time buyers and increased lending from the banks. The future looks expensive for young people getting starter homes. The low cost end of the market makes a sound investment with rents high and getting higher (slightly). There is still no building  of new houses and these houses close to work for young people make the only option. Soon their parents will be helping and with the banks fighting to lend to them it equals more money and more people seeking a small amount of property. The prices are rising already and the property is moving fast.

Take a look at the latest property listed by John Fairways who started investing with us with a twenty thousand investment two years ago. Since then his investment has increased in value by about 40% and he has received over 5000 euro of rent. Have a look at what he is suggesting here http://dev.irishpropertygroup.com/?p=994 or explore the site to find it.

Hi all happy new year. I notice a few new properties been put up on the site. One I like which we put up ourselves is 19 north circular road. Asking prices have risen as this would have been put up at 450k last year and this year it is 495. But it is a good solid house with 9 units all in good condition. It is very easy to let these properties and the new college will drive demand in the area for a long time. Of course we would try to avoid the college students unless we are getting a premium. http://dev.irishpropertygroup.com/property/good-safe-investment-with-great-yield/

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