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6n8, b, f, rb, mqm, e, l, dib, jv, b, wgt, Property Search | Property Crowd Funders
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Search Results (23)

  • North Circular Road

    House - For Sale
    For Sale
    €71,875 for 10%



  • Heart of Georgian City

    Apartment - For Sale - Dublin 1
    For Sale
    €25,875 for 10%



  • 4 Apartments in Dublin 9

    House - For Sale - Dublin 9
    For Sale
    €51,750 for 10%



  • Pre 63 in three units

    House - For Sale - Dublin 8
    For Sale
    €71,300 for 10%



  • Jervis Place

    Apartment - For Sale - Dublin 1
    For Sale
    €31,050 for 10%



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