How this site makes you money

  • For example: Ted buys 20% of a property (House A) for 20,000 euro.
  • Values are rising for the next 5 years at a steady 10%.
  • After five years the property is sold and ted gets the value of his 20% of the property which is now is now 32,000 euro.

Ted gets 32k

  • For example: Ted’s Property House A is rented out and Ted’s share is 200 euro per month after costs.
  • The rent of 200 euro per month x 12 months x 5 years = 12,000 euro

Ted gets 12k

Ted invested 20,000 euro and the total he gets back in this example is 44,000 euros

The Process of Investing

Select the percentage share you wish to own by moving the slider.
If you dont have this much money contact us and we will help you raise it.
Click reserve to register your interest in this property.
No funds are required to reserve property.
You can register your interest in as many properties in the the site as you like.
Other people also register interest and when we have enough interest  we negotiate the purchase of the property.
If everyone is still happy to proceed we appoint a solicitor for the group.
The solicitor acts for the group and all funds are held in their client accounts.
Everyone lodges their funds with the solicitor and the solicitor opens a company owned by the investors.
The investors own the company and the company purchases the property.
We rent the property out and the income is passed out to the owners on a monthly basis.
At a set time chosen by the investors the property is sold and the funds are distributed to the investors.

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